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By Ashley Gerard Davies

This richly illustrated booklet is the 1st devoted to volcanism on Io. It describes and explains different types and scales of volcanic task in this interesting moon, and compares Io's varied volcanoes with their contemporaries on the earth. It additionally presents historical past as to why Io and Earth are volcanically lively, and describes how remote-sensing info from spacecraft and telescopes are analyzed to bare the underlying volcanic procedures. Containing the most recent effects from the Galileo venture, this booklet is an engaging reference for complicated undergraduates, graduate scholars and researchers in planetary technological know-how, volcanology, remote-sensing and geology.

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The model also showed how deep reservoirs of sulphur dioxide could form in the upper crust, ripe for mobilization by contact with hotter fluids. 7 Io on the eve of Galileo The scene was thus set for Galileo. Io was perceived as a body where heat loss was dominated by active volcanism. Ground-based instruments had constrained Io’s heat flow but, except in the cases of the largest eruptions, were not sensitive enough to detect relatively small areas at high temperatures that would constrain composition.

1995). These are diffuse plumes caused by the mobilization of sub-surface sulphur dioxide through 38 Between Voyager and Galileo: 1979–1995 direct contact with silicate magma. This study was particularly important because it showed that layers of sulphur dioxide frost deposited on the surface could be buried under silicate lavas with relatively little loss of solid sulphur dioxide. Later intrusion of silicates into this buried volatile deposit would initially lead to large, diffuse, high-entropy plumes and, on smaller scales, to geyser and fumarole activity.

2001a). 2 Near-Infrared Mapping Spectrometer The Near-Infrared Mapping Spectrometer (NIMS) was the first of a new class of spacecraft instruments, a hyperspectral imager capable of obtaining images of a target at more than 100 discrete wavelengths, therefore producing not just a spectrum of the field of view but a spectrum for each pixel in the image. Data are stacked into a “cube,” with each layer being an image at a different wavelength. NIMS is described in detail by Carlson et al. (1992).

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