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An obscure but interesting article in the Journal of the British Interplanetary Society, using a comparative perspective, suggests that the conditions present in extraterrestrial colonies may lead to social and political effects quite different than those remembered from the american frontier. in america, frontiers are thought to have promoted equality, cooperation, and rural independence. this is certainly the history of civilizations, such as ancient egypt, that employed hydraulic technologies to open barren lands.

The iranian nuclear issue would be equally acute. and needless to say, the issue of palestine would still be with us. 15. carl L. Becker, “everyman his own historian,” American Historical Review, 37 (January 1932): pp. 221–236, quote from 231–232. 16. S. government printing office, 22 July 2004). 17 Likewise, rutgers university sociologist ted goertzel questions 9/11 as a turning point in history. S. attitudes were mostly unchanged by the attacks and that efforts to return to normalcy motivated many people affected.

Government printing office, 1958), pp. 774–787; naSa clippings file, “october 1957,” naSa historical reference collection. What are Turning Points in History, and What Were They for the Space Age? 33 seem to suffer appreciably until Sputnik 2 was launched on 3 november 1957. this time the Soviet union counted coup on the united States with an impressive 1,121 pound spacecraft that included a dog named Laika. after the two successful Soviet Sputniks, and this rather spectacular failure on national television, dramatic actions appeared necessary.

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