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2 A list of typical project/design team fees is included in Part 4: Tabulated rules of measurement for elemental cost planning (group element 12). The tables are intended to be used by the quantity surveyor/cost manager to assist in the cost estimating and cost checking process. The lists are not meant to be definitive or exhaustive, but are merely a guide. 3 It is (a) (b) (c) recommended that separate allowances be made for: consultants’ fees; main contractor’s pre-construction fees (if applicable); and main contractor’s design fees (if applicable).

E. a clear and unambiguous statement of what is included in and excluded from the order of cost estimate). The formal cost planning stages are also put in context with the RIBA Plan of Work and the OGC Gateway Process. 2 The content and application of unit rates to measured quantities to generate the base cost of the building works is also described; together with the method of dealing with cost allowances for main contractor’s preliminaries, main contractor’s overheads and profit, project/design team fees, other development/project costs, risk allowances, inflation,Value Added Tax (VAT) and capital allowances.

EFFECTIVE FROM 1 MAY 2009 RICS NEW RULES OF MEASUREMENT | 35 ORDER OF COST ESTIMATING AND ELEMENTAL COST PLANNING (d) RIBA Work Stage F: Production Information: ‘F1 Preparation of production information in sufficient detail to enable a tender or tenders to be obtained. ’ Note: Application for statutory approvals may be moved to suit project requirements. ’ Note: Further information for construction may be moved to suit project requirements. OGC Gateway 3B (Detailed Design Approval) can be compared with RIBA Work Stages D and E.

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