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The main of tomography is to discover the constitution and composition of gadgets non-destructively alongside spatial and temporal dimensions, utilizing penetrating radiation, similar to X- and gamma-rays, or waves, equivalent to electromagnetic and acoustic waves. in response to computer-assisted photo reconstruction, tomography offers maps of parameters that represent the emission of the hired radiation or waves, or their interplay with the tested gadgets, for one or a number of cross-sections.

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For example, the MTF of most systems is less than unity at all frequencies (other than zero) and falls rapidly at the higher frequencies. This means that the high-frequency components, often the most important features of the input signal, have a reduced contrast in the output. A second important source of degradation is noise. In a way, our treatment of linear systems to this point has been fraudulent because it implies that there is a unique correspondence between the output and the input. In fact, in any real system, a given input applied repeatedly will produce some random distribution of outputs.

B) Same views of an abnormal thyroid, showing nonuniform multinodular distribution of the tracer. ) nuclear medicine is aimed at achieving better image quality so that anatomical landmarks can be better discerned and a more precise morphological differentiation between normal and pathological tissue can be made. By the same token, current research in transmission imaging is often directed towards function studies. As an example, computed tomography, with its ability to detect subtle changes in x-ray attenuation, now makes it possible to use nonradioactive indicators of a breakdown in the blood-brain barrier.

This input function, however, is not a single Fourier component. Rather it contains three discrete frequencies: 0, K, - K. It is therefore not an eigenfunction of the system and the output is not expected to have exactly the same functional form as the input. P(O) + iP(K) exp(2niKu) + ip( - K)exp( - 2niKu). 29) An additional simplification is possible since p(u) is a real quantity. This implies, as shown in Appendix B [see Eq. 30) where the asterisk denotes the complex conjugate. Note that there is no physical requirement that P(K) be real except at K = O.

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