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By Peter G. Zhang

This can be the 1st systematic and wide ebook on unique ideas. The ebook covers primarily all renowned unique concepts at present buying and selling within the over the counter (Otc) industry, from digitals, quantos, unfold suggestions, lookback innovations, Asian techniques, vanilla barrier recommendations, to numerous forms of unique barrier strategies and different innovations. each one form of unique strategies is essentially written in a separate bankruptcy, starting with the fundamental recommendations of the goods after which relocating directly to easy methods to rate them in closed-form options. Many pricing formulae and analyses that have now not formerly seemed within the literature are incorporated and illustrated with special examples. it will likely be of significant curiosity to investors, sellers, analysts, possibility managers, professors, graduate scholars, and a person who's attracted to what's going within the quickly altering monetary industry.

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Exotic Options: A Guide to Second Generation Options

This is often the 1st systematic and broad publication on unique recommendations. The ebook covers basically all well known unique recommendations presently buying and selling within the over the counter (Otc) industry, from digitals, quantos, unfold recommendations, lookback suggestions, Asian ideas, vanilla barrier recommendations, to varied varieties of unique barrier recommendations and different ideas.

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