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By Pamela Elizabeth Clark

We are in a time of transition in our knowing of Mercury. Of specific curiosity this is the rising photograph of the planet as a procedure, with interactions among inside, floor, exosphere, and magnetosphere that experience encouraged and restricted the evolution of every a part of the approach. past books have emphasised the result of Mariner 10 and present ground-based measurements, with little or no dialogue of the character and impact of the magnetosphere. This publication will current the planet within the context of its atmosphere, hence offering a starting place for the subsequent significant inflow of knowledge from Mercury and contributing to the making plans for destiny missions.

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It is designed to provide close range studies of the surface and, from its measurements, the internal state and 2. Missions 33 dynamic figure properties of Mercury can be derived. The MMO, to be provided by ISAS, features the spin stabilization and 15 rpm spin rate optimal for a magnetospheric mission. It is designed to provide information on the wave and particle environment surrounding Mercury. 4) are configured to provide complementary measurements of the planet in the context of its external environment.

Following a 176 day solar orbit, a second flyby (Mercury II/M2) featured a southern hemisphere passage with a periapsis of ~50,000 kilometers. This trajectory filled a gap in the photographic coverage obtained inbound and outbound during the first encounter. 5 is a discussion of the overall coverage achieved and the resolution of the photographs obtained. During the third, and closest, flyby (Mercury III/M3), the spacecraft flew to within 330 kilometers of the surface, with the primary objective of defining the source of the magnetic field discovered during the first encounter.

Combining the more sensitive spectrometer results with altimeter and radio science package data should allow the interior structure of the planet to be better understood. The ultraviolet spectrometer should allow further characterization of the exosphere, and the entire MMO package will permit a comprehensive study to be made of local interactions between particles, waves, plasmas, and the solar wind in the magnetosphere in the absence of an ionosphere. 12 SUMMARY The Mariner 10 mission provided the basis for the basis for our current understanding of Mercury but provided some startling revelations and many unanswered questions.

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