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Dunwich's advisor to Gemstone Sorcery is a realistic and accomplished advisor to the magickal global of priceless and semi-precious stones. Written by means of a contemporary Witch with firsthand wisdom of the occult homes of stones, this booklet is full of quite a few spells and rituals, enthralling Pagan folklore, and invaluable magickal correspondences. It additionally explores gemstone curses and therapies, and the various ways that gems can be used as amulets for magickal workings, as oracles for revealing the longer term, and as instruments for therapeutic one's physique, brain, and spirit. via this e-book, you'll how one can competently cleanse and cost stones, and likewise how you can make do-it-yourself gemstone elixirs. you will find the secrets and techniques of utilizing stones to extend your wealth, facilitate clairvoyant skills, invoke deities, push back undesirable good fortune and evil impacts, draw love into your existence, and much more!

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However, some modern-day Pagans—particularly Wiccans—are vehemently opposed to using blood in their rituals. If you feel uncomfortable working with your own blood, you may opt to leave it out of the spell and use the rose oil by itself. Be warned, though, that the magickal potency of this spell will be greatly reduced if you do so. An Ancient Spell to Bring Conjugal Love As you visualize your intent, engrave upon a piece of beryl the image of a crow. Beneath it, engrave the image of a crab. Anoint the stone with three drops of rose oil, attach it to a chain of silver, and then wear it around your neck as an amulet to bring a love suitable for marriage.

P65 41 1 12 8 13 6/12/2003, 2:56 PM 42 Dunwich’s Guide to Gemstone Sorcery This magick square is known as the “Jupiter Magick Square,” and is a variation of the magick square found in a copper engraving (Melancholia I) by a German Renaissance artist, Albrecht Durer. Note that the four numbers in each horizontal, vertical, and diagonal row add up to 34—a number believed by many numerologists to represent “Natural Law” and great spirituality. Some occultists believe that the number 34 possesses the power to guard against evil because the word devil appears 34 times in the Bible.

You will know the spell has taken effect when the lips of your loved one meet yours in a passionate kiss. A Witch’s Love Spell To bring love into your life, perform the following spell on a Friday when the moon is waxing: Using a silver pin, gently prick the third finger (the “ring finger”) of your left hand. Take three drops of your blood and add it to 1 dram (1/8 of an ounce) of rose oil and mix well. Anoint a new pink candle with the blood-oil mixture, and as you light its wick with a match, repeat the following incantation: By wax and wick and fire bright, The flame of love I light tonight.

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