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Birds sing from the trees and a feeling of intense peace comes over you. In the centre of the dell you see a pool just off the track. It is separated from you by a bower of honeysuckle and climbing roses. Cavorting in the pool you see a number of scantily clad women and men, all of them beautiful and all in the prime of health. They call out merrily to you and point to a tree at the centre of the pool. It bears a number of golden apples along its boughs. They 94 95 throw you the golden apples and invite you to come and pick some more.

They tell you how when the centurions invaded the country with their Legions encased in bronze armour, one of the centurions, named Drajan, led his men into the mountains in search of the city. Not one of his thousand men was ever seen again, although again it is rumoured that their ghosts stand on the road to the north, begging travellers to go no further. The old men will now fall into a gentle slumber, and the traveller on his way to Glissom may leave the inn and continue his journey. GamesMaster's Introduction Old legends usually contain some element of truth and this is the case with the tales related by the farmers in the inns of Glissom.

The Black Dust: this will form into a choking cloud of poisonous gas. Treat as a strong poison. It will not affect the Mummies in any way. If both handfuls of dust are thrown on to the plinth at the same time, they will both ignite into an ethereal wisp of smoke and the entrance way (as described above) will suddenly swing up revealing the corridor leading to 3. If the alcoves at either end of the corridors are inspected, the party will discover that they are choked with great heaps of the dust used for throwing on to the plinth.

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