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By Can Küçükali

With assistance from serious discourse research (CDA), this e-book ways Turkish politics from an interdisciplinary point of view so that it will deepen our realizing of political energy and discourse. This learn re-conceptualizes discursive ideas as hegemonic tasks and 13 governmental speeches are analyzed therefore. It additionally offers readers with a theoretical dialogue at the nature of political discourse via references to deliberative, agonistic and important sensible ways.

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However, Ecevit did not take part in the merger. The SHP merged with the CHP under the name of the CHP in 1995. 2 per cent. 2 per cent of the vote, and the CHP could not get into parliament until the 2002 election. In 2002, the newly established AKP, some of whose leaders had links with the Islamist National View movement (this movement was chronologically represented by the National Order Party, the National Salvation Party, the Welfare Party, the Virtue Party and today by the Felicity Party), would come to power and dominate Turkish politics for the next few years.

The market is the ultimate solution to social and economic problems. Encouragement of private enterprise and criticism of state intervention. Democracy Communal and religious rights are emphasized. A leader-based party system and no sense of pluralism. Human rights discourse is fully integrated. The EU process is welcomed to increase human rights. Religious freedoms are seen as the core of human rights. The EU process is fully embraced as a project of democratization. Leader-based and majoritarian democracy.

Moreover, they contend, ‘Zionists’ are trying to seize the country by purchasing land according to the principles of free trade (Can, 2011). It is disputable what ‘Zionism’, ‘Zionist capital’ or a ‘greater Israel’ mean and what their content is but it is certain that the ambivalence of these terms make them more effective. In his speeches or in the interviews, Erbakan does not give any names or details of the ‘Zionist conspiracy’ which he claims overthrew the RP-DYP coalition government via a military memorandum when he was prime 29 30 Discursive Strategies and Political Hegemony minister in 1997.

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