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In careful, slow, or hyper-corrected speech, the stressed vowel is considerably lengthened. te] Secondary stress falls on every second syllable to the left of the syllable receiving primary stress. ro ‘my husband’ ‘dragon plum tree’ ‘wall’ Exceptions to penultimate stress. Exceptions to penult stress include di- syllabic lexemes containing a subject agreement marker and a monosyllabic verb. As shown in the following example, stress falls on the last syllable, possibly because subject markers 34 are extra-metrical and do not take part in stress placement.

I also published an html version of the dictionary, using the software Lexique Pro. htm> Audio files, Transcriber files and Toolbox files are all archived at ELAR in London, and will soon also be archived at PARADISEC. 6 Overview. There are three major parts to this work: • A descriptive grammar, • A collection of four glossed and translated stories, • A bilingual Ma˝ vea-English dictionary, followed by an English finderlist. The bulk of this dissertation consists of a description of some aspects of the grammar of Ma˝ vea as it is spoken today.

The closest I could find is: (9) [fararu] ‘ghost crab’ [varvara] ‘talk’ However, [fararu] is sometimes pronounced with a [v]. The two segments [f] and [v] surface as allophones of the linguo-labial /v/. (10) ari˝ vi v ˝atali v ˝isio- [arif] [fatal] [fisio-] ∼ ∼ ∼ [ariv] [vatal] [visio-] ‘cat’ ‘banana’ ‘flesh’ 19 Between vowels, the voiced segment is almost always chosen, but two of my consultants used [f] even in this position. (11) Mo-valao. 8 above). In coda position, the voiceless and the voiced fricative also compete, although the voiceless fricative [f] may be preferred.

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