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By Lutz D. Schmadel

The volume of numbered minor planets has now good passed 1 / 4 million. the hot 6th version of the Dictionary of teen Planet Names, that's the IAU’s legit reference paintings for the sector, now covers greater than 17,000 named minor planets. as well as being of sensible price for identity reasons, the Dictionary of stripling Planet Names presents authoritative info at the foundation of the wealthy and colourful number of inventive names, from heavenly goddesses to artists, from scientists to Nobel laureates, from old or political figures to bland men and women, from mountains to structures, in addition to various compound phrases and curiosities.

This 6th variation of the Dictionary of teenybopper Planet Names has grown via greater than 7,000 entries in comparison to the 5th variation and by way of greater than 2,000 in comparison to the 5th variation, together with its addenda released in 2006 and 2009. furthermore, there are numerous corrections, revisions and updates to the entries released in prior variations. This paintings is an ample resource of knowledge for someone attracted to minor planets and who enjoys analyzing in regards to the humans and issues minor planets commemorate.

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D. Cassini. 0] Camilla Discovered 1868 Nov. 17 by N. R. Pogson at Madras. (* AN 73, 139) Named possibly for a daughter of Metabus. When she was young, her father dedicated her to the service of Artemis {see planet (105)}. She became a virgin warrior and queen of the Volscians. She assisted Turnus against Aeneas {see planet (1172)}. Camilla fought with one breast bared to give freedom to her bow arm. She was a swift runner, comparable to Atalanta {see planet (36)}. She was killed by the spear of Aruns.

0] Nemausa Discovered 1858 Jan. 22 by A. Laurent at Nˆımes. (* AN 47, 349) The planet was named ”in memory and honor of the city and the fountain of the god Nemausus”. Nemausus was the ancient name of Nˆimes. (H 8) Named (AN 47, 349 (1858)) by B. Valz with permission of the discoverer. 5] Europa Discovered 1858 Feb. 4 by H. Goldschmidt at Paris. (* AN 47, 367) Named for the daughter of Agenor {see planet (1873)}, king of Phoenicia, and sister of Cadmus {see planet (7092)}. She was carried off across the water to Crete on the back of a bull, which form had been assumed by Jupiter who was enamored of her.

Who threw herself into the ocean because of her unrequited love for the young Phaon. (H 12) The name was suggested by J. Herschel. 8] Terpsichore Discovered 1864 Sept. 30 by E. W. Tempel at Marseilles. (* AN 63, 127) Named for the Muse of choral dance and song {see also planet (18)}. (H 12) Named (AN 63, 127 (1874)) by C. A. F. Peters. 8] Alkmene Discovered 1864 Nov. 27 by R. Luther at D¨ usseldorf. (* AN 63, 255) Named after the mother of Hercules by Jupiter who had assumed the shape of her husband Amphitryon.

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