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This 5th variation is the legit reference for the sphere of the IAU, the the world over recognized authority for assigning designations to celestial our bodies and any floor positive factors on them. It offers authoritative information regarding the root for all names of stripling planets

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They won the 1947 Nobel Prize in medicine {together with B. A. Houssay - see planet (2550)}. (M 40701; M 40877) The name was suggested by J. Tich´ a. 6] Bobweber 1986 RW. Discovered 1986 Sept. 6 by E. F. Helin at Palomar. (* M 24378) Robert Weber (1926-2008), a physicist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Lincoln Laboratory for 34 years, led the team that developed the deep space satellite tracking network. Co-developer of the LINEAR project, he was responsible for the discoveries during its first year of operation, 1995-1996.

20 by S. J. Bus at Palomar. (* M 26381) ) is a professor at the Institut Adolf Bischoff (1955f¨ ur Planetologie, Westf¨ alische Wilhelms-Universit¨ at M¨ unster. His work on meteorites, particularly their impact history, has led to significant advances in our understanding of processes in minor planets. 4] Haroldconnolly 1981 EV19 . Discovered 1981 Mar. 2 by S. J. Bus at Siding Spring. (* M 26382) ) is a professor Harold C. Connolly (1965at Kingsborough Community College in New York. His work on petrologic and experimental studies of meteorites has played a key role in understanding the origin and evolution of chondrules and calciumaluminum inclusions in the solar nebula.

M 16213) Named in honor of the French composers Maurice (1924-2009) and Jean Michel Jarre (1948). Maurice studied composition at the Paris conservatoire, and wrote several music for concert works and boldly dramatic theatre music, before turning to film music, winning Oscars for his score to Lawrence of Arabia (1963) and for ’Lara’s Theme’ from Doctor Zhivago (1965). Jean Michel abandoned his musical studies 24 (4425) at the Conservatoire de Paris in 1967 to experiment with electronic music. His first commercial success was Oxygene (1977).

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