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By Hal Draper

The dictatorship of the proletariat from Marx to Lenin.

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This quantity brings jointly Gramsci's writings on faith, schooling, technology, philosophy and monetary concept. The topic that hyperlinks those writings is the research of ideology at its assorted degrees, and the buildings which embrace and reproduce it. options reminiscent of subalternity and company cognizance, hegemony and the construction of a counter-hegemony helpful for the formation of a brand new historic bloc, therefore recur during the publication.

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The bare Communist was once a most sensible vendor within the early Sixties, promoting greater than 1. five million copies. It came across its manner into the libraries of the CIA, the FBI, the White residence, and houses all throughout the United States and in another country in Spanish and excerpted in different languages. during this hard-hitting booklet an pressing desire is ultimately fulfilled.

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4 0 The answers of the local organizations should b e studied and worked out in a series of articles and circular letters of th e Natio nal Committee with concrete instructions, advice, and so on . 3. Very impo rtant in this respect is the attitude of the Socialist Appeal. 4 1 It is undoub tedly a very good Marxist p aper , but it is as yet not a genuine instrument of p olitical actio n. The connection of the p aper with the real activity of th e party is too l o ose. This lo o s eness is determined not s o much by the literary conce ptions o f the editorial b o ard a s b y th e disseminated, unconcentrated character o f the activity o f the wh ole party.

A ppear to be the representative of the w orking clas s and the defender of s o cialism, and in o r der to h o o dw ink the world w orking class. T ow ard this end it spends tens of millions of d ollars a year. M any o f these se­ cret agents are leaders of the workers ' m ovement, trade u nion officials o r officials of the s o-called "Communist" parties which, in fact, no l onger have anything to do with communism . " exclaims every honest w orker. We als o b elieve th at it is a disgusting r ole.

I w ould consider it a great disgrace if my ide as were to suit these gentlemen. The oppressed cannot gain their emancipation under the leadership of the oppor­ tunists and profiteers. Let these gentlem en try to publicly at­ tack my idea s ! I belong to the Fourth International and I don't hide my colors. The Fourth Internatio nal is the only The Meaning of the Struggle Against "Tro tskyism" 51 world party that carries out a real struggle against imperial­ ism, fascism, oppression, exploitation, and war.

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