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By James C. Sung, Jianping Lin

This booklet on nanodiamonds is the 1st of its sort. Nanodiamonds are fundamental for sprucing business fabrics (e.g. computing device not easy drives and skim heads) and complex ceramics (e.g. silicon carbide and gem diamond). This booklet is effective for these facing nanodiamonds, in addition to these attracted to a common schooling of nano-sized fabrics.

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Amino acids could be derived from molecules of methane and other simple compounds. The integration of these components could be facilitated by surface reactions of nanodiamond particles. 4. Nanodiamond in the early universe might anchor different types of amino acids that could be flaked off to form platinoids, the precursor of proteins. 5. The hexagon spiral of diamond’s (1 1 1) face could be stretched or molted to cultivate benzene rings. The nitrogen-terminated diamond face might shed the nitride derivatives of benzinoids.

According to plate tectonics, the surface of earth is covered by several large plates that can move horizontally. These plates are driven by the convection flow of mantle that supports these plates.

6 DIAMOND IS FOREVER With the trend of diversifying the product folio and the reduction of manufacturing costs, numerous new applications will be made debut. For example, diamond is the best component for micro electro mechanical devices (Fig. 10). 10. Images of a laser cut micro diamond electro mechanical components of perpetual gears (left) and the strongest screw (right) possible. Both of them can last indefinitely even in a highly acidic environment. Diamond Age (Fig. 11). As there is no element that is above carbon on periodic table, diamond will never be succumbed by any other material in the future.

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