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Firmly supported by way of a wealth of analysis linking children’s psychological and actual health and wellbeing to emotional health, this new version of the bestselling facing Feeling presents academics of youngsters elderly 5–8 with established possibilities to enhance their emotional literacy. during this moment variation, Tina Rae emphasizes the advance of empathy, tolerance, resilience, and motivation in addition to an emotional vocabulary. The textual content is helping lecturers introduce scholars to quite a few options for dealing with extra advanced and uncomfortable emotions in various events. Solution-focused ideas are woven into: Worksheet initiatives Self-reflection activitiesTake-home assignmentsPacked with teacher-friendly classes, this e-book fulfills the necessities of the PSCHE curriculum and fit colleges time table and likewise enhances the SEAL curriculum (Social and Emotional facets of Learning).

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The idea here is to encourage the pupils to discuss their feelings of sadness and times when they’ve felt sad with someone who is significant and close to them in their family context. They can identify ways in which they can also help this particular person when he or she is experiencing similar feelings. The final part of the activity asks the two individuals concerned to identify things that make them both feel sad and to consider whether or not they could agree on things that do and don’t help.

Plenary A Circle time approach can again be used and the pupils can focus on the following questions: 4 How did we feel at the start of this session? 4 What have we learnt about feeling shocked in this session? 4 Have we learnt anything new about ourselves? 4 Have we learnt anything new about others? 4 Will we change the way we deal with this feeling in the future? 4 Have we learnt any new skills or strategies that may help us? 4 On a scale of 1-10 (1=not at all, 5=quite, 10=a great deal) how useful do we now feel this lesson has been?

Feeling Happy Self-Reflection Activity. . . . My Happy Moments Take Home Task . . . . . . . indd31 31 22/3/07 18:36:00 32 Lesson 4: Feeling Happy Warm up Activity Catch the Fox’s Tail In this circle game, each pupil has to have access to coloured bands of materials. There also needs to be adequate space for the pupils to move around in. The pupils tuck the bands into their waistbands at the back, leaving enough material hanging to represent a fox’s tail. The facilitator then shouts ‘GO’ and the pupils are required to run around in an attempt to try and catch the tails of the other foxes whilst simultaneously keeping their own tails intact.

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