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By Patrick Harpur

Lake monsters, yetis, UFOs, crop circles, mum or dad angels and visions of the Virgin Mary can all be defined as apparitions, and Patrick Harpur weaves jointly an account of them during this e-book. He argues that in simple terms within the final 3 centuries or so - and in simple terms in Western tradition - have such sightings develop into discredited. In renowned mythology they're as lively as ever, although spaceships and extraterrestrial beings could have changed the Land of Faerie and its population. Drawing on Jung's "Collective Unconscious", Blake's "Imagination", and the Neoplatonic "soul of the area" between others, Harpur means that those phenomena could be made intelligible back by means of attractive to another world-view, one that takes them heavily yet now not actually.

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There was lightning. A great deal of divination was done with the livers of animals, ox liver or sheep liver. It seems as if the priest or the diviner would kill the animal and then expose its liver and then read something off, that he had got from something, from the shape or the color of the liver. Years ago when I went to college I was in a class in Zoology. One of our projects was to open up a large earthworm and to study its internal organs by means of a low powered microscope. Well, after I had opened my worm and was studying it I was amazed at the irridescence of the inner surface of the worm’s body.

And then remember again, that all things are connected together by those sticky threads of Astral Matter. I don’t remember exactly now which Astrological Sign rules the liver, I will have to look on the common little chart that you see on all almanacs, and goodness knows that I have seen it enough times in my life, but I still don’t recall now what Astrological Sign rules the liver, and I am going to let you look at the chart and find out what it is. Now in addition to this, there were such things as making a bonfire out of sacred wood and then studying the patterns in the fiery ashes.

Additional Here are further directions for reading the Elemental Symbols of the Oracle of Fortuna in relation to your questions regarding knowledge about your present/future. As said before the value of the Oracle of Fortuna to you will be the use you can make of it to cast light on your daily living problems. We all have problems and to every problem there must be a solution. There cannot be a problem without a solution. If the problem has no solution then it is not a problem but something else.

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