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By Heidi Boyd

Recycle, Reuse, Recraft!

Craftcycle is the inventive crafter's option to recycling and reusing daily goods destined for the trash or recycling bin. learn to recycle pages of your favourite magazines right into a ornamental bowl or trash bucket, to reuse scrap wooden to construct a gorgeous birdhouse, or recraft damaged china and glass right into a mosaic flower pot, and more!

  • Transform throw-away fabrics into treasures with over forty step by step craft projects
  • Construct higher green tasks for a greener home
  • Think eco-friendly all 12 months around with counsel and ideas for each season
  • Relax, unwind and unplug with a number of actions powered in simple terms via you
  • Tempt your flavor buds with scrumptious recipes utilizing seasonal ingredients

Craftcycle explores how one can get the main out of each season whereas impacting the surroundings the least. With a lot of these nice principles there is not any greater time to Craftcycle your approach right into a greener life!

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Immediately snatch the album out of the oven and press it firmly into the ceramic bowl. Quickly ripple the edges and press the folds flat against the sides of the bowl. You don’t have time to hesitate. The record cools almost instantly. Once it’s no longer pliable, pop it out of the bowl and it will hold its new shape. Coined Pajama Laundry Basket The inspiration for this hamper came from traditional coiled baskets. It’s a no-sew project. The strips of pajamas are simply wrapped around a thick rope, and the wrapped rope is coiled into a spiral.

The netting holds them together, while letting the water and suds wash away. Materials List RECYCLED MATERIALS Net produce bags TOOLS & SUPPLIES Scissors Size L crochet hook RESOURCES Crochet Techniques: pages 134-135 Step 1 Use scissors to cut off any metal staples or labels on the bags. Make a vertical slit up the side of the bag and flatten it. Cut the bag into a single 1” (3cm) strip, as shown in the illustration. By not cutting through to the end, the strip stays connected. Step 2 Use the following pattern to crochet the scrubber (see Crochet Techniques, pages 134135): a.

G. ) Change to brown and garter stitch 3 rows. h. ) Change to green and garter stitch 2 rows. i. ) Change to turquoise and garter stitch 11 rows. j. ) Change to white and garter stitch 7 rows. k. ) Change to green and garter stitch 5 rows. l. ) Change to brown and garter stitch 17 rows. m. ) Change to white and garter stitch 5 rows. n. ) Change to turquoise and garter stitch 5 rows. o. ) Bind off. Slide Lampshade If you have a box of old slides sitting in the attic or taking up space in a closet, this project is for you.

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