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Typical accuracy ranges of feasibility study cost estimates are ‐15% to ‐30% on the low side, and +20% to +50% on the high side (AACE, 2005).  Considering the uncertainty level of cost estimates, differences in overnight costs and LCOE across different CO2 capture routes for coal‐fired power generation cannot be interpreted as a competitive advantage of one technology route over the alternative routes. Total capital requirement of a real‐life project will be significantly different from generic estimates.

They nonetheless provide a snapshot of current estimates for generic costs and performance related to CO2 capture from power generation.  Penal‐ ties for pre‐combustion are about eight percentage points relative to an integrated gasification combined cycle without CO2 capture. Overnight costs with CO2 capture on average are USD 3 800/kW in OECD regions. Average figures vary very little across capture routes. Within single CO2 capture routes however, variation between different power plant and fuel types can be substantial.

IDC is included in LCOE calculations. Fuel price assumptions differ between regions. Oxy‐combustion CO2 capture from coal‐fired power generation Cost and performance data for oxy‐combustion CO2 capture from coal‐fired power generation are shown in Table 7.  It should be noted a particularly large number of data stem from a single recent US Department of Energy assessment (NETL, 2010e). Oxy‐combustion capture from SCPC and USCPC boilers that operate on bituminous coals are most often evaluated in the reviewed studies.

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