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Advances in fields equivalent to bioengineering, commercial engineering, and robot layout now require engineers to have a legitimate heritage in statistical ways to optimize functionality and reduce blunders in problem-solving purposes. by way of becoming a member of statistical research with computer-based numerical tools, this booklet bridges the space among conception and perform with software-based examples, circulate charts, and functions. Designed for engineering scholars in addition to working towards engineers and scientists, the publication has a number of examples with in-text options. by way of content material, it covers the series of mathematical subject matters wanted by means of the vast majority of college classes, together with calculus, error-handling, and ODEs; additionally, the e-book covers statistical computation and trying out of speculation frequently passed over from numerical tools texts. utilizing move charts and laptop courses, the authors display how the mathematical recommendations may be applied in sensible purposes corresponding to circuits, sign processing, and extra. A CD-ROM with the resource code for the in-text laptop courses contains calculation exercises and simulations.

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0002 c = 15300 ± 100, d = 62000 ± 500 Find the maximum value of the absolute error in (i) a + b + c + d (ii) a + 5c – d (iii) d3. 11. What do you understand by machine epsilon of a computer? Explain. 12. What do you mean by truncation error? Explain with examples. 4 A GENERAL ERROR FORMULA Let y = f (x1, x2) be a function of two variables x1, x2. S. , n) is given by δy ≈ ∂y ∂y ∂y δx1 + δx2 + ...... + δxn ∂x n ∂x2 ∂ x1 and the relative error in y is er = δy ∂y δx1 ∂y δx2 ∂y δxn = . . + + ......

B) Symmetric round-off. In symmetric round-off, the last retained significant digit is rounded up by unity if the first discarded digit is ≥ 5, otherwise the last retained digit is unchanged. (3) Truncation errors Truncation errors are caused by using approximate results or by replacing an infinite process with a finite one. 65. , If S = ∑ ax i i ∑ a x , then the is replaced by or truncated to S = i i i=1 1 error developed is a truncation error. A truncation error is a type of algorithm error.

5 ERRORS IN NUMERICAL COMPUTATIONS (1) Error in addition of numbers Let ∴ X = x1 + x2 + ...... + xn X + ΔX = (x1 + Δx1) + (x2 + Δx2) + ...... + (xn + Δxn) The absolute error is ∴ ΔX = Δx1 + Δx2 + ...... + Δxn ⇒ Δxn ΔX Δx1 Δx2 = + + ...... + X X X X which is the relative error. The maximum relative error is Δx1 Δx2 Δxn ΔX . ≤ + + ...... + X X X X 44 COMPUTER-BASED NUMERICAL AND STATISTICAL TECHNIQUES It is clear that if two numbers are added then the magnitude of absolute error in the result is the sum of the magnitudes of the absolute errors in the two numbers.

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