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By Danielle Poe

This quantity examines the numerous ways that violence, domination, and oppression show up themselves. This exam opens the right way to artistic feedback for overcoming injustice. The authors during this quantity additionally describe the positive aspects of a simply neighborhood and encourage readers to enforce peaceable transformation.

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If it were the case that by the mid-nineteenth-century love was often understood in only romantic or sentimental ways—sentimental in either its popular cultural sense or technical ethical sense following Hume—then it is much more the case now. Love in a moral sense makes ethical demands. Love commands. To make a distinction between love as feeling and love as choice is helpful, and Kierkegaard led the way. However, his error, and he is not alone, was to remove moral love so far from sentimental love that we have difficulty seeing how the two may both be called love.

I believe that J. M. Bernstein is correct, in the introduction to his book on Theodor W. Adorno, to situate Adorno’s negative dialectics within the context of a Nietzschean type of nihilism. However, in the philosophies of Friedrich Nietzsche and Adorno, this nihilism cannot be reduced to a personal feeling or belief that each philosopher holds regarding life. The nihilism here is the result of a critical insight; it is reflected in a particular form of life. One is reminded of Nietzsche’s claim that our highest values de-value themselves.

The greatest danger is that those members of the moral choir to whom shame is actively preaching can easily over-learn their lessons. Shame’s ontological demotion gnaws away at the morally learned heart, destroying the morally sensitive soul, and disfiguring the moral fiber. Good people can take shame’s warning too deeply to heart, and can retire, as Achilles, from the moral battlefield, or throw themselves on the side of the enemy, as the shamed Alkibiades did, when he found his inappropriate love for Socrates to be shameworthy.

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