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Anything outwith this approach ceases to exist as soon as it comes into view. It ceases to exist in the light of instrumental reason. Within instrumental reason there are no eyes to witness its internal contradictions. It is here, inside, as a part of its corpse life, that an understanding of the social relations can be achieved. Outside there is nothing but glare. This is not to deny or underestimate the significance of phenomena ou twi th the limited vision of positivism: it is to say that when marginal interests allow themselves and are encouraged to remain marginal, one way to irritate instrumental reason is to climb inside its own terms and expose its always vulnerable death-in-breath condition.

But at the gate to convivial living, discomfort occurs in the hammer blows required to weld subject and object. The thought of this process brings disarray and in the push to forget ENVIRONMENTALISM? difference people will to harvest themselves. This is why radicals wear camouflage trousers. The question of the tension and space between subject and object is one of many contradictions Schumacher refuses to explore. "(5) By this statement Schumacher implies that there was a time when man experienced himself as somehow located deep within nature.

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