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By Bernard J. F. Lonergan, Frederick E. Crowe, Robert M. Doran, Lonergan Research Institute

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Summa theologiae, i, q. 83, a. i, obj. 5. ' 12 See, for example, Insight xxviii, 385-86. 13 Why is it, if I am right in saying that insight is fundamental in Aristotle and St Thomas, that in the course of seven hundred years only seven scholastics advert to the possibility, and only some of those accept it? It is this existential problem. It is the presence of a ready-made ideal of what knowledge must be, blocking selfappropriation. The existential problem is a fundamental issue that arises in Insight, and those who have read the book will probably know about it.

The Robert Mollot Collection 41 Lecture 2 one has already gone beyond the insight. Consequently, we have to be careful of what is called the psychological fallacy.

It gives people a chance to talk these things out in the evening session, to talk them out with others. There is a set of concrete opportunities provided by the seminar that cannot be provided by any mere book. J This matter may be illustrated in another way. We are aiming at an explicit ideal of knowledge based upon self-appropriation. But you know the Latin tag, Qualis quisque est, tails finis videtur ei,11 the end seems to vary with each man. The kind of man one is determines what his ideals will be.

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