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By Lingjie Duan, Jianwei Huang, Biying Shou

This SpringerBrief offers an summary of cognitive cellular digital community operator’s (C-MVNO) judgements below funding flexibility, provide uncertainty, and industry pageant in cognitive radio networks. it is a new examine zone on the nexus of cognitive radio engineering and microeconomics. The authors specialize in an operator’s joint spectrum funding and repair pricing judgements. The readers will the way to tradeoff the 2 versatile funding offerings (dynamic spectrum leasing and spectrum sensing) below offer uncertainty. additionally, if there's multiple operator, we current research of the contest between operators in acquiring spectrum and pricing providers to draw clients. The short is designed for pros operating with C-MVNOs. Succinct and useful, it's going to help them in making optimum investments and pricing judgements. it is going to even be of curiosity to researchers.

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The Realized Demands are Q i = min(Bi , Di ( pi , p j )) = Ge−(1+ pi ) , Q j = 0. , Bi < Di pi , p j : since operator i cannot satisfy the Preferred Demand, some demand will be satisfied by operator j if it has enough resource. 7 The remaining users want to purchase bandwidth from operator j with a total demand of ized Demands are G−Bi e1+ pi 1+ p j e . Thus the Real- Q i = min(Bi , Di ( pi , p j )) = Bi , Q j = min B j , G − Bi e1+ pi e1+ p j . 2. Same prices ( pi = p j = p): both operators will attract the same Preferred Demand Ge−(1+ p) /2.

Since the total bandwidth is linear in G, the “average” resource allocation per user is “constant” at the equilibrium. This implies that the price must be independent of the user population change, otherwise the resource allocation to each individual user will change with the price accordingly. Observation 3 The optimal pricing decision π ∗ in Stage III is non-increasing in α in the low sensing cost regime. 5), the operator will lease additional resource such that the total bandwidth reaches the threshold Ge−(2+Cl ) .

2. The benefit decreases as the sensing cost becomes higher. When sensing becomes too expensive, the operator will choose not to sense and thus achieve the same profit as in the baseline case. 5. , the profit for a given α) is a strictly increasing function in α in the low sensing cost regime. Furthermore, there exists a threshold αth ∈ (0, 1) such that the operator’s realized profit is larger than the baseline approach if α > αth . /o. sensing I Normalized Exp. Profit R /G Fig. 8 1 28 2 Secondary Spectrum Market Under Supply Uncertainty R CI IS1 (α) = Ge−(2+Cl ) − BsL∗ Cs + BsL∗ αCl , which is strictly and linearly increasing in α.

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