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By Bodhisatwa Sadhu, Ramesh Harjani

This publication specializes in the structure and circuit layout for cognitive radio receiver front-ends. The authors first supply a holistic clarification of RF circuits for cognitive radio platforms. this can be by means of an in-depth exploration of current ideas that may be used by circuit designers. assurance additionally contains novel circuit recommendations and architectures that may be important for designers for cognitive radio systems.

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3b. These 2 simple operations form the basis of all operations performed in CRAFT. 1) Note that any linear transform with a fixed matrix can be performed using the addition and multiplication techniques outlined above. Due to the inherent attenuation in charge domain operations, the result is a scaled version of the desired transform. 46 5 CRAFT: Charge Re-use Analog Fourier Transform 1 2 3 4 5 6 Fig. 4 Mathematical operations in the CRAFT processor using charge-sharing These operations are utilized in the CRAFT processor as shown in Fig.

As shown in Fig. 8, 16 buses, each 16 wide, are connected to the sampling capacitors, and run through the CRAFT core. These wires are always connected to the sampling capacitors; consequently, their parasitic capacitance forms a part of the sampler and needs to be accurately matched. Additionally, since the operations are performed in-place, the outputs appear on the sampling capacitors at the end of the processing phase. 2 CRAFT Core The CRAFT core performs the FFT operation in 4 ( = log2 (16)) stages as represented in Fig.

2; consequently, the total ADC power remains approximately unchanged. 2 CRAFT Design Concept CRAFT operations are based on charge re-use. Once sampled, the charge on a capacitor is shared and re-shared with other charge samples such that the resulting mathematical manipulation is an in-place DFT. By basing the design only on toggling switches (transistor gates), low power and high speeds are made feasible. Additionally, the power scales with frequency, supply, and technology in a digital-like fashion.

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