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By Gregory Claeys

Electorate and Saints is a finished examine of the profound rupture within the language of reform and revolution which happened with the increase of socialism. Focusing upon British Owenite socialism, Professor Claeys argues that colleges of political pondering emerged from the 'social' critique of latest political radicalism. One, principally pointed out with Owenite perfectibilism, aimed to go beyond present sorts of democracy and to set up extra harmonious, much less divisive kinds of rule. the opposite, it appears extra democratic, aimed to increase renowned regulate of political associations to financial businesses. either have been sceptical of the 'political' analyses of socioeconomic deprivation proferred via present radicalism. Such scepticism used to be to end up an important to either liberal and socialist political inspiration, and Professor Claeys exhibits that such perennial questions because the intrinsically democratic (or differently) nature of Marxist socialism can purely be understood through connection with the political and highbrow situations within which early socialist rules emerged.

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Xi; J. G. A. Pocock, The History of Political Thought: A Methodological Enquiry', in Peter Laslett and W. G. , Philosophy, Politics and Society, 2nd series (Oxford, Basil Blackwell, 1962), p. 183; John Dunn, The Identity of the History of Ideas', in Peter Laslett, W. G. , Philosophy, Politics and Society, 4th series (Oxford, Basil Blackwell, 1972), p. 160. 18 Introduction: socialism and political thought But the emergence of a political language is defined not merely by the diffusion of one set of views, but by the novelty of the usage, the variation of expression used, the subtle shift of innuendo and inflection, and the extent to which some variations were adopted and others rejected.

From this exchange was born what will here be termed 'social radicalism', which sought to join political means to social ends as well as to link the moral and economic analysis of socialism to republicanism. From it, too, ensued the closely related creation of political socialism, a more traditionally democratic form of socialism which was profoundly suspicious of most attempts to supersede politics or to introduce principles of order markedly different from those sought by republicans. However, these new entities often differed only in emphasis, sense of priority, and degree of devotion to a socialist programme.

My scope here is confined to the political ideas and activities of the British Owenite socialists until the late 1850s. The rest of the contemporary socialist movement has had to be ignored, though some reference is made to American Owenism. Even so, the literature of British Owenism alone spans many dozens of periodicals, hundreds of pamphlets, and no small number of books, spread across some fifty years. This renders an analysis of the nuances and subtle shifts in the languages in which political ideas were expressed a difficult venture.

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