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By Ellen Cannon Reed

The writer indicates how she, her coven, and her neighbors, have come to understand the deities of historic Egypt, and the way those Gods and Goddesses have enriched their lives. incorporated are meditations and strategies to aid the readers deliver these deities into their very own lives. additionally incorporated are songs for the deities, rituals, details on hieroglyphs, new varieties of divination, names, incenses, oils, details and recipes for an historic Egyptian banquet, resources for statuary and different goods, or even the simplest websites to go to at the world-wide-web. directions at the construction of a wand, nemyss, kilt, and sistrum are incorporated. This booklet doesn't faux to recreate the faith of historic Egypt, yet relatively to deliver wisdom and worship of its deities into glossy Pagan perform. Readers may have the instruments to keep learning and constructing their very own tools of honoring the Gods and Goddesses of Tamera, the cherished Land of the traditional Egyptians.

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The desire is important, but remember, Tehuti is also interested in your spiritual growth as well as your mental development. He has so much to teach you, and he will do whatever is necessary to help you learn. In at least one case, His appearance changed to a form so that a specific person could relate to Him better. One of my former students was a bluegrass musician. Tehuti appeared to him wearing mirror shades and helped with musical arrangements. Funny? Maybe. Irreverent? Who am I to tell a God how He shall appear?

It’s the Nature of this Lady. Because I am dedicated to Aset, I know I must learn to know this Lady better. I am spending, and will continue to spend, 51 Circle of Isis a great deal of time learning about Her. The more I learn of Her, the more I love Her, and, as you know, loving a God or Goddess is always a joy. l L It is said, in legend, that Nebet Het and Asar were lovers. Some say the Goddess deceived the Lord by taking on the likeness of Aset. Others say, Asar knew. And many say that Aset knew of the union, and in her boundless love, blessed the joining.

Some of them were ready, but most of them weren’t. How do I know that? I could see the effects. Because they weren’t ready, they didn’t believe the things the stone had told them, and a lot of things happened in their lives to show that they were doing anything they could to ignore the truth. We’ve worked with His protective aspect more than once. Our community had some problems with certain members sending out negativity. We needed to protect our homes and ourselves from that. With the help of Anpu, four of us charged some apache tears with a very special purpose: They were charged to rebound any negativity sent toward us, and to turn any negativity we might inadvertently send out into love and light.

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