Download Ciba Vision Symposium: 15th Symposium, Tokyo Osaka, by Y. Oguchi, Y. Honda PDF

By Y. Oguchi, Y. Honda

Complement factor: Ophthalmologica 2003, Vol. 217, Suppl. 1

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So, I do think advances in wavefront sensing using different aberrometers than the Hartmann-Shack type may be a helpful solution in the future. Dr. Waring: There are three aberrometers that are available now in what we would call ‘single pass’. The Tscherning Aberrometer, the Tracey ray-tracing system, and at Emory, we have the InterWave System, which is actually the only subjective instrument because this involves the patient actually responding to each point that is tested, so that gets the occipital cortex involved as well.

These three speakers were selected by the Organizing Committee of Osaka and Tokyo as experts on important topics in modern ophthalmology. The first two lectures are related to neovascularization in the eye and the last is on refractive surgery. All three include quite new findings in each area and impressed the audiences very much. We are very happy that this symposium is printed in this style and offered to many people who could not attend the meeting. The texts are printed with many beautiful color illustrations.

He is now attempting to determine why these various changes are caused by one molecular species. It seems that several different systems work in a coordinated manner, and things do not progress normally if something remains in either of the systems. The only method we can use at present is to knock out one molecule, and this situation is rather frustrating. If we want to be able to answer your question, we must develop new methods, such as cell transplantation or an experimental tool for producing a structure in the places where it is missing.

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