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Carbon nanotubes, with their striking mechanical and certain digital homes, have garnered a lot recognition some time past 5 years. Carbon Nanotubes: technology and purposes takes a finished examine this burgeoning topic. It offers coherent descriptions of the field's numerous elements, together with houses, progress, processing concepts, in addition to person significant software parts. the capability functions of carbon nanotubes comprise nanoelectronics, composites, chemical sensors, biosensors, microscopy, nanoelectromechanical platforms and lots of extra. The textual content contains up to date literature citations and may turn out to be a important source for readers in quite a lot of disciplines..

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34 nm. Using an empirical force constant model, Lu [37] found that the Young’s modulus of a SWNT is around 970 GPa, which is close to that of an in-plane modulus of a graphene sheet, and is independent of tube diameter and chirality. Portal et al. 2 nm) CNTs. 2a. Recently, it has been suggested [39] that by investigating the value y 2 E / yJ 2, instead of the Young’s modulus, the ambiguity of thickness of a CNT wall can be avoided completely. 34 nm for the wall thickness of a SWNT gives atomistic simulation–based results of Young’s modulus that are in broad agreement with experimental results so far.

These approximations reduce the electronic-structure problem to a self-consistent matrix diagonalization problem. At the end of the iterative matrix diagonalization procedure, the resulting eigen values correspond to the quantum-mechanically possible electronic energy states of the system, and the eigen functions contain information about the electronic density distribution in the computed space. One of the popular DFT simulation programs is the Vienna ab-initio simulation package (VASP), which is available through a license agreement [13].

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