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There now, dear, I’m sure Dane will love his surprise. ” She winked and left the room. “Don’t start turning yellow on me now,” Lana warned as she picked up her purse from the floor. “You can do this. Dane loves you. You love him. ” “Yeah, I get that but you know he didn’t exactly tell me he loved me the other night,” Natalie confessed through a tight throat. Now that everything had come together she was more nervous than ever. What if he didn’t like the surprise? What if he’d changed his mind and laughed at her effort?

There was simply nothing of her that wasn’t his. 42 Candy-Coated Passion Dane shuddered, pulled her tightly to him so that they both lay collapsed in a heap on the carpet. Breathing eventually slowed and perspiration cooled in the climate-controlled room. “I love you,” she whispered. ” “That’s all fine and good but what I’d like to know is what the hell is going on in here? ” Dane’s grandfather, Donald Falken, yelled from across the room. ” Natalie looked over Dane’s shoulder to the furious gray-haired, gray-eyed man standing in the door.

His head lolled back as he sighed. The cool cream was a stark contrast to her hot fingers. Again, she sucked his cock into her throat and licked him clean. Nat’s delicate fingers circled the base of his penis and gripped him tight. With her other hand, she massaged his balls and rolled them around in her palm. The soft sac drew up and his breathing grew harsher. When he slipped his hands through her hair, she whispered her encouragement and kept sucking his cock. Natalie let him slip out of her mouth with a soft pop.

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