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By Z. A. Melzak

Demonstrates tips to ``bypass'' a fancy challenge by means of breaking it down into numerous much less advanced conjugant questions and fixing those easier, part elements. Explores the makes use of of conjugancy in examine, as a unifying instructing gadget that exploits similarities and analogies throughout all technical fields, and as a device of invention and discovery.

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One limitation of research in this area that has already been hinted at is that there are few links between short experimental trials and longerterm interaction in MUVEs. A topic that could tie the two together, for example, might be: What is the impact of a short and delimited task/ activity, as opposed to an unstructured and longer one, on presence and copresence? From the experimental side, this could be formulated as a hypothesis to be tested: The longer the task or time spent in the MUVE, the greater the sense of presence or copresence.

And behaviors (for example, use in public places) have only partly settled and are still partly fluid (see Ling 2004). It will be the same with MUVEs. This applies both to leisure and instrumental uses. The technology and its uses are still fluid, even if they have also become congealed in certain forms for the moment. As for users finding the “correct” or appropriate ways to behave in using these systems, various conventions will emerge over time, with some transferred from real-world contexts into MUVEs and others emerging to suit this novel context.

Online games typically meet the requirement of the definition of MUVEs even less than do online worlds for socializing—because players are constrained by predefined actions and roles (more on this point shortly). MUVEs for socializing, such as ActiveWorlds, OnLive Traveler, and Second Life, constitute a separate subcategory within the category of leisure uses. The main activity in these MUVEs is just to spend time together in relatively open-ended activities. ” They are, however, closer to the definition of VR/MUVEs given here than are MMRPGs or gaming MUVEs because the avatars are intended to represent real users and the aim is to socialize with other such user representations—as opposed to representing a “character” in the game and concentrating on the activities that the rules of the game prescribe.

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