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By Donald D. Kaufman, Gerald G. Still, Gaylord D. Paulson, and Suresh K. Bandal (Eds.)

Of soil sure residues dialogue consultation / %. Kearney.

content material: sure and conjugated pesticide residues / Donald D. Kaufman --
organic task of pesticide conjugates / H.W. Dorough --
Pesticide conjugates : glycosides / D.S. Frear --
contemporary advances within the isolation and identity of glucuronide conjugates / Jerome E. Bakke --
Amino acid conjugates / Ralph O. Mumma and Robert H. Hamilton --
Sulfate ester conjugates : their synthesis, purification, hydrolysis, and chemical spectral homes / G.D. Paulson --
Glutathione conjugates / D.H. Hutson --
Miscellaneous conjugates : acylation and alkylation of xenobiotics in physiologically energetic structures / Jorg Iwan --
Nature of propanil certain residues in rice crops as measured through plant fractionation and animal bioavailability experiments / M.L. Sutherland --
Solubilization of sure residues from three, 4-dichloroaniline-¹⁴C and propanil-phenyl-¹⁴C handled rice root tissues / Gerald G. nonetheless, Frank A. Norris, and Jorg Iwan --
category and research of insecticides certain to plant fabric / J. Wieneke --
sure residues of nitrofen in cereal grain and straw / R.C. Honeycutt, J.P. Wargo, and I.L. Adler --
Use of radiotracer reports within the estimation of conjugated and certain metabolites of dichlobenil in box plants / A. Verloop --
Metabolite destiny of p-toluoyl chloride phenylhydrazone (TCPH) in sheep : the character of certain residues in erythrocytes / Prem S. Jaglan, Ronald E. Gosline, and A. William Neff --
natural subject reactions concerning insecticides in soil / F.J. Stevenson --
Clay-pesticide interactions / Joe L. White --
Turnover of pesticide residues in soil / John W. Hamaker and Cleve A.I. Goring --
Microbial synthesis of humic fabrics / ok. Haider --
Spectroscopic characterization of soil natural subject / R. Bartha and T.-S. Hsu / type of certain residues soil natural subject : polymeric nature of residues in humic substance / R.W. Meikle, A.J. Regoli, N.H. Kurihara, and D.A. Laskowski --
Chemical extraction of definite trifluoromethanesulfonanilide insecticides and comparable compounds from the soil / Suresh okay. Bandal, Henry B. Clark, and Jay T. Hewitt --
organic unavailability of sure paraquat residues in soil / D. Riley, W. Wilkinson, and B.V. Tucker --
fastened and biologically to be had soil sure insecticides / J.B. Weber --
An experimental method of the examine of the plant availability of soil sure pesticide residues / F. Fuhr --
Degradation of the insecticide pirimicarb in soil-characterization of "bound" residues / I.R. Hill --
Chloroaniline-humus complexes : formation, endurance, and difficulties in tracking / R. Bartha and T.-S. Hsu --
decision of the discharge of sure fluchloralin residues from soil into water / Gary M. sales space, R. Ward Rhees, Duane Ferrell, and J.R. Larsen --
Dinitroaniline herbicide certain residues in soils / Charles S. Helling --
precis of conjugate papers / Hans Geissbuhler --
precis of soil sure residues dialogue consultation / %. Kearney.
summary: Of soil sure residues dialogue consultation / %. Kearney

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Complex Glycosides Recently, a few s t u d i e s have demonstrated t h a t glucosides of p e s t i c i d e metabolites may be subject t o f u r t h e r metabolism in plants. E x t e n s i v e e a r l y s t u d i e s by M i l l e r (58) showed that s e v e r a l x e n o b i o t i c a l c o h o l s and phenols were conjugated as g e n t i o b i o s i d e s by higher p l a n t s . Apparent d i f f e r e n c e s i n enzyme s p e c i f i c i t y toward aglycone and sharp c o n t r a s t s i d i f f e r e n t species t o form e i t h e r glucosides o r g e n t l o b i o s i d e s were reported.

Therap. (1954) 112, 158. , W. Kernand R. Engleberg, Antibiot. Med. Clin. Therapy (1959) 6, Suppl. 1, 22. , K. Hoffmann and K. Bernhardt, Experientia (1962) 18, 105. M. A. C. Bratton, J. Pharmacol. Exptl. Therap. (1949) 96, 445. I. H. Anton, Proc. Soc. Exp. Biol. Med. (1973) 142, 424. F. S. Powell, M. M. Berger, J. Med. Pharm. Chem. (1961) 3, 53. , H. Yoshimura and K. Tatsumi, Chem. Pharm. ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1976. 2. DOROUGH Biological Activity of Pesticide Conjugates Bull.

I t i s p o s t u l a t e d , however, that i n v e r s i o n of c o n f i g u r a t i o n occurs during the UDP-glucosylt r a n s f e r a s e c a t a l y z e d r e a c t i o n and t h a t the 8-D-glucose anomer i s formed. H e t e r o c y c l i c N-glucosides have a l s o been r e p o r t e d . Kamimura et a l . ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1976. BOUND AND CONJUGATED PESTICIDE RESIDUES Figure 3. Pesticide metabolites characterized as O-glucosides CI COOH CHfOH CI COOH Chlorotnbtn CI COOH CI Dlnob«n CHfOH CI Chlorombtn CI Figure 4.

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