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By David Kaser

Philadelphia 1969 1st collage of Pennsylvania. 8vo., 154pp., hardcover. advantageous in VG DJ.

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Nonetheless on August 13 the Department of State notified the Embassy in Taipei that the IMG program in Taiwan would be suspended in fiscal year 1960, but it allowed the Embassy to pass the bad news on to GRC officials as and when it deemed best. Perhaps understandably, this news was received with minimal enthusiasm in the Mission in Taipei, and a decision was made there not to notify the Chinese government immediately of the program's termination. The fact, however, soon became known because within a few weeks Chinese book importers began receiving notices that their IMG contracts were not being renewed.

Nor do we believe that specific legislation or appropriation limitations are at this time [sic] necessary. But we do hope that this Committee will keep a watchful eye on future developments and will see fit to express its concern in its report on the present bill or in other appropriate manner. When the Senate Committee Report [No. 981] appeared three weeks later it alluded to Mr. " The activities of the American publishing industry in combatting piracy over the subsequent twelve months were severalfold.

Recently it has been found that many books written and copyrighted in the Unitel States are being unlawfully reproduced in Taiwan and Hong Kong and shipped to the United States for sale at prices lower than the American publishers' prices. A large number of these are college textbooks^ Commissioner Nichols said that pirated copies of American books have succeeded in entering the United States primarily because the American copyright By this time the importation of unauthorized Taiwan reprints had somewhat subsided, but the action was nonetheless welcome even at that late date by American publishers.

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