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Asked about this point, Hunrath admitted that it might also bring down planes, and this is where I balked, telling him that in such a case we would be responsible for the lives lost. " '~O CARES? I then forbade his bringing the machine to Palomar Gardens. That, of course, started the trouble which Baker is now carrying on. Up until then everything was fine, but when I told Hunrath that he would have to MY FIGHT WITH THE SILENCE rnoup move without further delay, Baker went with him. Yet within the hour before their leaving, Hunrath ordered me off my own property, adjoining Palomar Gardens, and for a few moments I thought he might attempt force to accomplish his order.

If they were capable of materializing and dematerializing, why have they bothered to build metal ships? This necessitates the mining, ~elting and alloying of the metals, building the space ships and manning them with crews. If they possessed the mystical powers of materialization and dematerialization some on Earth have accredited to them, all this would be a needless waste of time and effort. '' I can- QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS not stress this point too strongly. They are normal human beings of flesh and blood the same as we on Earth.

That which I learned through the letters gave me new birth am made me the man I am. Continous answering of these letters will bring forth another man of me tomorrow. The greater the numbers I serve in my small way, the bigger the man they make of me, as through them I better understand myself. If I were to serve the few or myself alone, who would teach me the things I am to know? The knowledge of myself would be as small as the numbers I had served. My advice to you is: Serve as many as you can, the greater the number you serve, the greater will be the understanding of yourself.

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