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Would you have run off, like you were guilty of something? " Micah took the front steps in twos, energized by anger. "Look at it this way," Pete said. "They have to prove she is who they say. You think anyone here's going to say she's someone else? No way. Page 8 Barbara Delinsky - An Accidental Woman So they're going to have to dig up other people. " What Micah thought was that any amount of time he was separated from Heather was bad. He wanted her with him, and not just for the girls' sake. He had come to depend on her gentleness, her sureness, and-yes--her practicality.

The purpling seemed Page 2 Barbara Delinsky - An Accidental Woman deeper this morning, but that wasn't what caused his alarm. Nor was it any sound from the girls' room that caused him to hold his breath. They would sleep for another hour, he knew, and if not sleep, then stay in bed until they heard Heather or him up and about. No. What held him totally still, eyes on that inch of open window, was the sound that came from beyond. Even in winter, the woods were filled with live things, but what he heard now was neither deer, nor owl, nor snowshoe rabbit.

You'd be better going down later with Cassie. Let these guys go without a fuss now. Get them out of here before the sun's up. " Micah hadn't begun to think beyond the moment. Looking now, he saw that the sky had indeed begun to brighten. Pete had a point. But when the deputy pulled at Micah's arm and tried to steer him back to the cabin, Micah tugged free and ran on. He stopped at the closed door of the van, bent down, and flattened a hand on the window. His eyes met Heather's just as Mooney started the engine, and short of running alongside until the van gained enough speed to leave him behind, he had no choice but to stay.

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