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What are "The Black Books"? they're a sequence of booklets from Dr Hyatt and the extraordinary person Institute. Little should be acknowledged in regards to the "Black booklet sequence" lest it provide away its goal and decrease its effect.

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Assuming you are breathing, no matter how mad you are, you have this self. semi-automatic, interactive, semi-thinking self.. " Intelligent action limited, emotional reaction, some mild forms of tenseless self-consciousness, mostly a function of memory.. capable of some intentional action, primarily reactive in nature.. confuses needs and wants with love. capable of some enjoyment, senselessly suffers over itself.. can be objective about things but not about self. Has no real sense of itself, deluded by language, infected with beliefs.

Perhaps it is the simple fact that fanaticism always has an advantage over tolerance because it does not rule out any tactic in advancing its goals. Paul's success set Christianity on a path of violent confrontation with the Mysteries. Within a hundred years of Paul's activities, Christianity had become a notorious cult. People had had enough exposure-to Christians to understand what they were all about. They were quite simply "atheists," who did not believe in the gods who filled the world and governed all of its life-sustaining energies.

It also sponsored religion with tax money, pretty even-handedly. This made sense because temples were the center of civil life. They sponsored feasts, festivals, parades, theater, local building projects, and charity. So they were the best avenue for the government to use to invest in the cities, which were, of course, the government's political base. Second, in a small town or village, one's spiritual options were somewhat limited. "The family that prays together stays together" was a common sentiment, and that idea extended to the whole community.

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