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By Christopher S. Hyatt, Nicholas Tharcher, S. Jason Black, MobiusFrame

What are "The Black Books"? they're a sequence of booklets from Dr Hyatt and the extraordinary person Institute. Little will be stated concerning the "Black e-book sequence" lest it supply away its purpose and decrease its impression.

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No, it is all too easy to trot out a few facts wrapped up in a bit of highly scientific sounding mumbo-jumbo, to convince a great many simple, unquestioning souls to whom the very word ‘scientific’ is sufficient label to raise the whole matter to the realms of Hallowed Dogma where further dispute is out of the question. Neither Dr. Menzel, nor the balloons, the illusions, the cobwebs, the locusts, the ionised air, the spots before the eyes, the flocks of high-flying cobwebs, high-flying geese, high-flying haystacks, practical jokers, secret weapons, refractions of the atmosphere, reflected light, cold air, warm air, and just plain simple hot air, account with any degree of satisfaction for more than a fraction of the 3,000 odd saucers seen since 1947, nor for the countless myriads seen, and barely recorded, from the time man first began to notice things and remember till the present day.

But whether one agrees with or dissents from Dr. Menzel, his book has achieved a good purpose. He has thoroughly explored the question of saucers-caused-by-natural-phenomena, and has added something to our knowledge of the blind alleys in which genuine flying saucers may not be found. He has proved that some of the sightings could have resulted from the causes he elaborates, and that these causes should always be taken into account when evaluating each new report. He has also proved, wittingly or unwittingly, that a great many flying saucers have been sighted that do not fit into any of these categories and whose FLYING SAUCERS HAVE LANDED 32 origin must be sought elsewhere.

FLYING SAUCERS HAVE LANDED 39 17 April. Longitude. Morning. Williamsport, Pennsylvania. 25° Latitude, 11° An object resembling a ‘big block of silver’ crossed through the sky, followed reports of vapour trails on the previous day. SOURCE: Williamsport Sun, 17 April. 17 April. Longitude. Morning, Scarboro, Ontario, Canada. 25° A fiery spherical object, trailing black smoke, raced down from the sky over a lake. A short time later a puff of smoke drifted over the lake. A one-and-a-half hour search by two Toronto lifesaver boats found no debris, and no aircraft were known missing.

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