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Strong, fresh fiction: fiction that appeals to every age, and is acceptable for every age to learn. facing sleek existence and all its matters within the context of Christian morality, its editorial concentration is well-written, compelling, and unique fiction with an ethical message.What if time spun backward and a twentieth-century skeptic got here face-to-face with those that knew Jesus? Sensitively and grippingly, this novel imagines the reply to that question.Many people have longed to return to the fantastic occasions the Gospels report back to discover for ourselves what quite occurred whilst Jesus walked the earth. with no leaving behind in charge scholarship, past This Darkness invitations us to enable the centuries resolve until eventually we discover ourselves in first-century Palestine, gazing ask yourself spread.

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I wonder how many really do!  God had taken the burden off my back, the burden which very nearly broke me.  No wonder the fisherman called it the peace of God which passes understanding; surely it was worth all he had suffered to find it! ' " Page 53 "Anyone can say, 'Your sins are forgiven,' "I remarked. " He laughed, and his laughter came like a burst of music into that silent night.  When it sputtered and burst into flame, he thrust the butt into an anchored jar and set it afloat for a marker.

He murdered two of his own sons and Mariamne their mother, his own beloved wife, because he was afraid that they were conspiring against him.  No one ever saw them after they followed their star to Bethlehem.  This time he really went berserk.  He knew it had to be that town because the chief priests and the scribes had told him Bethlehem was the place where the Christ was to be born. " "Suppose I were," I challenged him. " "Ask any ox," he laughed.  Nobody does in Nazareth except the tax collector.

I thought I detected a flash of satisfaction on his face when he heard my answer.  The seconds ticked like a time bomb now.  The elders had decided beforehand that he was to read and preach, so after the Creed, the prayer, and the law, they handed him the scroll of the prophet Isaiah. "He unrolled it and found the place where it is written— 'The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me to preach good news to the poor.  Everyone was watching him, waiting to hear what he himself would have to say, because his reputation—his preaching, his teaching, his healing—had come to Nazareth before him.

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