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Combining advanced technological know-how with skillfully achieved prose, those edgy, award-winning stories discover the transferring border among the recognized and the alien. the wonder and peril of know-how and the eagerness and consequences of conviction merge in narratives which are via turns darkish, satiric, and introspective. between those daring storylines: a doubtless humanized monster from John Carpenter’s The Thing finds the real villains in an Antarctic showdown; a synthetic intelligence shields a biologically better prodigy from her crushed mom and dad; a deep-sea diver discovers her actual nature lies no longer in the confines of her venture yet within the depths of her psyche; a courtroom psychologist analyzes a psychotic graduate pupil who has realized to reprogram fact itself; and a father attempts to carry his damaged kin jointly within the wake of an ongoing attack via sentient rainstorms. Gorgeously saturnine and tremendously strong, those accrued fictions are either intensely thought-provoking and very unlikely to forget.


"The Things"
"The Island"
"The moment Coming of Jasmine Fitzgerald"
"A observe for Heathens"
"The Eyes of God"
"Flesh Made Word"
"Mayfly" (with Derryl Murphy)
"Hillcrest vs. Velikovsky"
"Repeating the Past"
"A Niche"
"Outtro: En path to Dystopia with the indignant Optimist"

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The tie-in to the impending blockbuster prequel to John Carpenter's the item - the by no means ahead of instructed tale of the unique doomed Norwegian day trip. while a bunch of medical researchers, remoted in Antarctica, stumble throughout an alien spaceship buried within the ice it sort of feels like a massive chance.

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For lots of, Walter de l. a. Mare is as nice a author of fiction as of poetry. unfortunately, the vast majority of his brief tales were unavailable for your time. Now this welcome quantity, the second of 3, brings jointly extra tales written among 1927 and 1956, together with at the area, The Wind Blows Over, A starting and different tales, in addition to 4 uncollected tales and 4 unpublished tales.

Various Antidotes: A Collection of Short Fiction

"A vastly proficient and hugely unique artist. .. numerous Antidotes is solely and easily fantastic. "—The big apple occasions publication Review
The dazzling, transformative tales of varied Antidotes diversity the world over of historical past and technology, alighting on figures either genuine and imaginary. The tales inside are these of obsession and brilliance, of the finally human acceptance that the realm is bigger than we think it to be and that we, as figures inside of it, have via figuring out the facility to alter that international. even if via studying or insanity or coincidence, the scientists and scholars inside a number of Antidotes reveal us to the fantastic blossom of the wildlife.

Beyond the Rift

Combining complicated technology with skillfully completed prose, those edgy, award-winning stories discover the transferring border among the identified and the alien. the wonder and peril of know-how and the fervour and consequences of conviction merge in narratives which are by means of turns darkish, satiric, and introspective.

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