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  • ...The ebook offers a wealth of knowledge that is going to be of specific curiosity to medical practitioners.
    Gisli H. Gudjonsson, Behaviour examine and Therapy

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This is important as response system interactions are responsible for misrepresentations of behavioral difficulties or competencies. Typical is faulty labeling of internal cues; for example, sexual arousal might be perceived as anxiety or emotional arousal as physical illness. At other times physiological cues may become exaggerated, which is likely to promote the vicious circle of anticipatory anxiety (operationalized as enhancing interaction of cognitive and autonomic variables). Some other relevant measures might also be appropriate.

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According to innovating and creative practice we are keen to extend our knowledge and to improve our model for understanding of the complexity of human behavior, abnormal behavior in particular. Behavior therapy should utilize any relevant knowledge from any discipline that furthers the application of learning principles to effect behavioral changes. Thereby, the only limitation demands that such knowledge should be adaptable to the learning flame of reference and subject to experimental methodology.

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