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Comprises the entire reference for all Base SAS systems. offers information regarding what each one technique does and, if appropriate, the type of output that it produces. This name can be to be had unfastened on-line from SAS Publishing.

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As the distance from the object increases, the estimates should become less precise. The SAS data set SIZE contains the estimate (ObjectSize) in centimeters at each distance (Distance) in meters and the precision (Precision) for each estimate. 5 meters from the object). As a measure of precision, 1/Distance, gives more weight to estimates that were made closer to the object and less weight to estimates that were made at greater distances. 5 38 ; The following PROC MEANS step computes the average estimate of the object size while ignoring the weights.

Tip: You can use a WEIGHT statement and a FREQ statement in the same step of any procedure that supports both statements. WEIGHT variable; 42 WEIGHT 4 Chapter 3 Required Arguments variable specifies a numeric variable whose values weight the values of the analysis variables. The values of the variable do not have to be integers. The behavior of the procedure when it encounters a nonpositive weight variable value is as follows: Weight value Procedure 0 less than 0 missing counts the observation in the total number of observations converts the weight value to zero and counts the observation in the total number of observations excludes the observation from the analysis Different behavior for nonpositive values is discussed in the WEIGHT statement syntax under the individual procedure.

Which assigns descriptive names for each job: proc format; value $jobfmt ’FA1’=’Flight Attendant Trainee’ ’FA2’=’Junior Flight Attendant’ ’FA3’=’Senior Flight Attendant’ ’ME1’=’Mechanic Trainee’ ’ME2’=’Junior Mechanic’ ’ME3’=’Senior Mechanic’ ’PT1’=’Pilot Trainee’ ’PT2’=’Junior Pilot’ ’PT3’=’Senior Pilot’ ’TA1’=’Ticket Agent Trainee’ ’TA2’=’Junior Ticket Agent’ ’TA3’=’Senior Ticket Agent’ ’NA1’=’Junior Navigator’ ’NA2’=’Senior Navigator’ ’BCK’=’Baggage Checker’ ’SCP’=’Skycap’; run; The FORMAT statement in this PROC MEANS step temporarily associates the $JOBFMT.

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