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By W. G. Lambert

The Babylonian tamitu texts are a corpus of questions addressed to the sun-god Shamash and the storm-god Adad together. expert diviners have been hired to place the questions with the best rites and to formulate the wording properly, because the in simple terms resolution will be "yes" or "no." therefore the questions needed to contain an in depth exposition of the problem, they usually open up intimate glances of items now not differently on hand. Kings ask whether or not they should still adopt a definite crusade, laying out a close course of action. on the different finish of the size, a guy desires to understand even if his spouse is telling him the reality. All pills are of first millennium B.C. date, notwithstanding many of the questions date from the second one millennium B.C. Scribes copied out inquiries to function types for later use.

during this quantity W.G. Lambert has accumulated jointly the entire identified fabric, together with fifty four drugs and fragments now not formerly released. All are given in cuneiform reproduction, transliteration, translation, with notes and an advent. by way of a ways the better a part of this fabric has now not been edited before.

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With the bright light will they stay intact, and will a tail be seen with Samas, so that the people of the land will see, the seer will see and the hearer hear? pen," or he may be shrouded, or covered with a pall of dust, or another star may enter into him, so that [the night] is made darker, a fierce storm will arise, [lightning] will flash, a rainbow will arch, ... 2 Babylonian Oracle Questions ND 4393+ Obverse III (Plate 19) See No. 3C. ND 4393+ Reverse (Plate 20) Reverse iv of this tablet has only odd signs and traces of I9 continuous lines, but neither first nor last line of the piece.

Who are living in his land may pillage, plunder and take the booty of his fields and his small towns so that the people of his land are constantly in terror. Even though (these formulations) are excerpted and selected, Samas and Adad, etc. nigin 47 sumu(mu)mes sid. ba tup~pi li[bir. ra. am ba. sar sa. bal. sarmes 49 . Total: 47 lines in number. Written and collated according to its originaL 50 Tablet of Nabu~zuqup-kena, son of Marduk-[suma]-iqisa, [scribe, descendant of] Gabbi-ilani-eres, head scribe.

A sa svad~[i l ... .. ] x v v v/ 2 3 4 5 6 (traces) that [horse] for the [great] lord [Marduk ... [to the great lord] Marduk [... [is it] good [to Samas and] Adad [... ] . Samas . [... [I], your [slave], the [diviner ... 7 [A tamItu about] the horse [( ... )] 8 [You, horse], creature of the holy mountains [... 9 ... ] . heavens, heavens [... IO • . ] holy mountains you eat [.. I I . . ] . of the mountains [.. No. No. II 8S II Questions addressed to Samas and Adad. This is part of a well~written four~column Neo~Assyrian tablet, probably from a scriptorium of Ashurbanipal.

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