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Although the shock gives the gas an outward momentum, it is not suYcient to escape the gravitational attraction of the star and the material eventually falls back towards the stellar surface. The resulting conditions in this excursion allow for a shock chemistry to develop. In particular, the conversion of acetylene to ring molecules such as benzene and derivatives, is possible and can instigate the development of an organic chemistry that leads to the formation of PAH particles (Cau 2002). The pulsation allows the gas to be shocked a number of times, each shock producing more PAHs.

3). 3. Schematic diagram of the protosolar nebula showing physical processes which aVect chemistry. g. radial mixing, diVusion). Gail 1997).

F. van Dishoeck, Dordrecht: Kluwer, p. , Liszt, H. , in Asymptotic Giant Branch Stars, eds. J. Habing & H. , Astrophys. Sp. J. B. gov Abstract: We consider the chemistry occurring in protoplanetary disks and its possible contribution to the organic inventory of primitive solar system bodies. First, we outline the main physical and chemical processes associated with the formation of solar-type stars and their accretion disks. We then summarise the current observational status of protoplanetary disks and review chemical models of them.

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