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By Karl Anderson

Partial Contents: trust in God intuitive; nice pyramid; beginning of Christ, and Krishna; events of Christ or Krishna, astrological horoscopes; Croix or Christ; facts that the ancients knew the sunlight to be the grand principal orb; knowledge and what it really is; Astrology divine and encouraged via God; Of prophets or seers, mediums and magnetic healers; Constellations of Heaven; Of normal guy or earth guy, and evolution of species; Who equipped the pyramid; Description of the planets; Signification, nature, caliber and outline of the 12 homes. indicators and meanings; features; Nativities; Astrological aphorisms; knowledge of Isis.

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Only among those tribes that have preserved a comparatively clear idea of the High God do we find that the High God is the creator and originator of everything, magic included, but we never hear that he hirnself resorts to magie. 8) Edda, Baldrs Draumar, 3. Cf. Ynglinga Saga, eh. VII, which speaks of all the gods as galdra smidir, eharm-smiths. 9) Havamäl, 138-139. 10) Quoted by Frazer, The Magie Art I, p. 226. 3 33 For praetieal purposes magie may be classified under two heads: good or white magie and bad or blaek magie.

Here, too, sueeess will to his mind depend on his ability to perform all rites and on the power he possesses, whereas any failure will be due to his having omitted some detail, to the fact that he may, temporarily or permanently, have lost his power, or because his action was neutralized by another magician. Here, too, failure has little or no influence on the belief in magie as such, although the career of a particular magician may have come to an end. Indeed, oceasional failures may strengthen the belief in magie in as far as they tend to deepen the emotional atmosphere of wonder and expectaney which is so important for the operation of suggestion and hypnosis.

Here the trees are biggest and 'strongest', and the rays of the rising sun have been absorbed by the bark, thus adding their healing power to that of the trees. Six trees are seleeted: the ashtree, the willow, the oak, the myrtle, the crabtree and the sallow or water-willow. The ashtree furnished the material for spears, so much so that the word ash eame to represent these obj ects. A spear is a weapon for the attack, and if an ash eould kill a man, it eould also destroy or chase away a disease-spirit.

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