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By Kumar Gopesh Ojha, Ashutosh Ojha

The publication finds that it's the placement of stars which debts for the hidden astrological secrets and techniques of affection, friendship and marriage and fructification in their results. additionally, it offers with the feminine horoscopes specifically to teach how do they regulate males.

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V. Raman or any other good Table of Houses on the basis of Hindu Astrology can take down the cusps of houses directly from such tables and thus save the trouble involved in the above calculations. The advantage of working out the cusps of the houses and midpoints between the two houses is that a planet yields the greatest influence when it is on the cusp of the house. If it is distant from the cusp of the house its influence also decreases. If it is just on the mid-point between two houses its influence is almost zero.

For example, Jupiter in 1° of Libra and Mercury in 30th degree of Libra. 6. e. Mercury in 29° Virgo and Jupiter in 1° Libra. Here, there is no aspect between Jupiter and Mercury. Benefics and Malefics 7. Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are deemed malefics. e. Papas. Exalted Sun is not deemed a malefic. 8. e. from 9th day of dark half to 7th day of bright half is deemed weak and therefore a malefic. 9. The following are malefics in increasing order weak Moon, Sun, Ketu, Mars, Rahu and Saturn. 10.

Qualitative value of aspects is different according to the nature of planets aspecting and not according to the nature of the aspects. Example: In Western Astrology, trine aspect between two planets is considered good, opposition is considered evil. But in Hindu Astrology even trine between two lords, if one owns a malefic house would be considered evil. , between Moon and Jupiter because both are benefics. 3. Quantitative value of aspects is as follows: (i) All planets have full aspect on the sign or planet posited in seventh sign from the one occupied by it (ii) All planets have 75% aspect on the sign or planet posited in fourth or eighth sign from the one occupied by it.

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