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By J.H. Brennan

This infrequent booklet contains recommendations for Exploring and Experiencing the Boundless probabilities of the Astral aircraft.

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That there wai a distinct connection between her vision and the church as it stands today was shown when she led a party there, without guidance, in pitih darkness, taking her directions only on the basis of her vision. In trying to evaluate these experiments, the inaccurate data seemed io it" at least as significant as the hits. The suspicion-crept in that we were dealing with something other than Etheric phenomena. This suspicion was confirmed when Sarn Gordon became a subiect in the series. Elemental Door*ays.

Your subject has passed through his personal hypnotic Doorway and is conscious only of an- Astral invironment. His link with the physical plane is your voice and your instructions. In most cases of hypnotic experiment, the subject's experiences on the Plane are meaningless. He is told he is at a soccer match and builds the Astral environment accordingly. His hallucinations are not even his own. They are random ideas tossed out by the hypnotist. i am indebted to the French psychologist Paul Goldin for putting me on the track of a much more useful Astral operation.

Arthui-had a very different temperament to Denise. A man of about forty, he was fascinated by the occult. He had lived in India for several years, where he studied Hatha and Mantra Yoga. He had some direct experience of Spiritualism and a knowledge of the esoteric, made remarkable by the fact that he had never read a single book on the subject. His information was gleaned partly through discussion and partly from meditation. By nature he was both emotional and introverted. futhur witnessed the experiment involving Denise and volunteered as a subject for the next one.

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