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By Gerald Massey

Along with his prior sequence in Egyptology, Gerald Massey grew to become present doctrine on its head to argue that not just had Egypt spawned human civilization, yet that Egyptian mythology used to be the root for Jewish and Christian ideals. The end result of his years at this actual highbrow pursuit, historical Egypt: the sunshine of the area is Massey's crown jewel. during this, the main philosophical (in either tone and thought) of his Egyptological works, Massey, ever the intrepid escort, leads a travel via millions of years of sociological, cultural, and non secular improvement, the entire whereas pointing, with astonishing cause and persuasive prose, to a far off, universal, Egyptian starting place. British writer GERALD MASSEY (1828-1907) released works of poetry, spiritualism, Shakespearean feedback, and theology, yet his best-known works are within the realm of Egyptology, together with A publication of the Beginnings and The common Genesis.

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It is something to know that when the long sperm candles are set up in the religious Mysteries to-day, the Ritualists are not doing this to the praise and glory of the human member, but are making use of a type which has been continued in the darkest Christian ignorance of pre-Christian origins. A still more curious but kindred case of survival occurs in Australia, where it is a custom yet extant amongst the aborigines for the widow of a deceased person of importance to wear the phallus of her dead husband suspended round her neck for some time, even for years, after his death.

We act the same as if we saw, only the vision is within and the dark without. We see the stair and feel for it with the foot. We see the banister mentally and clutch it with the hand. Internal seeing and external touch concern us a thousandfold more than words, and these give us a sensible hold of outer things. Thought does not need to spell its way in letters. We are thinking all the while as a process of mental representation, and do not go on words when we are not called upon to speak. The Bull and Cow said “Moo”; the Cow with us is still called a “Moo-Cow” in nursery language.

The “Sun-frog” then was Khnum, “the King of Frogs,” as the Sun in the night of the underworld, who was wedded to Hekat, the lunar frog in the mythos which supplied the matter for the Märchen. 30 It is only in this nether world that Sun and Moon can ever meet, and that but once a month, when the Lady of Light transforms into the Frog, or Hekat, which Frog retransforms into Sati, the Lady of Light, when she emerges from the abyss. The King was not to be seen by his Mistress without the royal garments on, and these were laid aside when the Sun-God entered the nether earth.

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