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By De Padmasiri Silva

An creation to Buddhist Psychology is a lucid, intelligible, and actual creation to the rules of Buddhist psychology. It offers accomplished insurance of the fundamental strategies and concerns within the psychology of Buddhism, and hence it offers with the character of mental inquiry, ideas of the brain, recognition and behaviour, motivation, feelings and percentile, and the healing constitution of Buddhist psychology. For the 3rd version, a brand new bankruptcy at the mind-body courting and Buddhist contextualism has been further.

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While the Buddh a condemns the unchaste life of the married man , the sa nctity of family life and the value of conj ugal love are upheld in Buddhism . w T he homily gives a cha nning code of domestic relati ons, a nd describes th e mutual d uties between husband and wife as well as those between parents and children, serva nts and masters, teachers and pu pils, friend s and compa nions, la ymen and recluses. J t is within such an ethical fram ework and spir itual qu est that conj uga l love finds its du c place within the Buddhi st theory of hum an rela tions.

If someo ne suspects, without grounds, tha t a nothe r pe rson is harbou r. ing a grieva nce aga inst him, he is merely proj ecting his own ha tr ed on to someon e else. If a person starv es himself to de a th beca use of a socia l grieva nce it may be a wa y of direc ting th e accumula ted hatr ed on to himself. \Ve have elsew here discussed this concept of self-deception, but it is relevan t directl y to the emotion of hatred , too. Then there is a classic case of the child who refused to take med icine, and finally through compulsion , drank it with a vengea nce.

T here are others who like to read, see a nd talk a bout gruesome inciden ts, and man y of those who go on wild-life safaris a re looking for a little excitement ra ther than j ust wanting to look at a nimals from a 51 TIrL Cl)nlTol and Exprusion of Fear This brings us to the final aspect of the emotion offear. The Buddh a was not often di rectly concerned with the qu estion of whether the sponta neous expression of an emotion is good or wheth er it should be inh ibited . He held, rather , thai by a pTOCes5 of selfuaderstanding, dil igent self-analysisand insight one ca n come to the point where emotions will not overwhel m one.

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