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By Jenny Randles

"...the unidentified flying object phenomenon...does provide real mysteries, and...Randles' most recent publication is an effective position to begin. One or situations for every 12 months from 1947-1997 are summarized and illustrated, with insightful observation from the writer. Such well-known incidents because the Roswell crash...are defined, in addition to sightings that experience bought very little airplay...Randles continues a balanced standpoint all through.

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The wild contactee the ground. Reluctant to consider that it was a tales from the I 950s dented the credibility of the UFO, Wilcox contemplated various other options subject in the eyes of many people. Even when instead - that it was a discarded fridge or part of witnesses were trustworthy, their stories were an aircraft wing that had fallen off. Only when he still often absurd - swapping water for alien got closer to the structure did he realize that pancakes, for instance. It all seemed counter­ both ideas were impossible.

The couple drove Taken away Over a period of some months between off as quickly as they could, heard a strange December 1963 and June 1964, the Hills had 'beeping' noise and then proceeded to drive numerous sessions at Dr. Simon's office and a home as if all was normal. truly incredible story emerged. It told of how However, things were far from normal when the UFO had landed and the Hills had been they got back home in the middle of the night: physically abducted aboard, although with no the journey had taken two hou rs longer than it real violence.

The visitors had engineered route first set in motion by the Villas Boas encounter and modern humanity by starting intelligent life on earth, would go through a number of fascinating twists and turns making us alien colonists evolved from these creatures. that, from today's perspective, seem a grand design. It is The psychic link between them and us is still powenul hard to see how they could come about by chance. It is interesting to compare this subtle form of involvement in human affairs with the much more blatant version that science fiction had to offer.

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