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By Jeff Grubb, Andria Hayday

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The unisex title is sha’ir (shah-EER). The optional feminine title, preferred by traditionalists, is sha’ira (shah-EER-ah). Even races normally forbidden to have wizards among their people are eligible for this kit, though their skills are diminished. ) Role: Sha’irs are regarded as enigmatic and powerful figures in the Land of Fate. They do not gain spells in the manner of other wizards. Instead, they acquire their magics and enchantments through the workings of genies. Because genies are a mighty force in the Land of Fate, many would-be attackers think twice before offending a sha’ir—especially attackers who don’t have their own sha’irs and genies supporting them.

The optional feminine title is farisa (FARE-iss-ah). Role: Farisan are champions of their faith and their people, in that order. Each warrior is bound tightly to one faith and one deity or recognized pantheon, much more so than even paladins, who are often attracted to the concepts of “good” and “law” in and of themselves, without concerning gods. 34 This devotion to faith does not negate the thought processes of the farisan. One popular legend about this group describes a faris who is deceived by an evil priest into acting against his god.

L The second professional soldier’s kit comprises mamluks, slaves who have been reared especially for battle. Despite their humble beginnings, many rise to rule empires. l Mercenary barbarians form the third group of professional soldiers. They originate from barbarian tribes that border the “civilized” lands. Mercenaries retain much of their savage demeanor, even in cities. l Many warriors do not fit any of the kits listed above. Mainly foreigners, they betray their alien nature in their dress, manner of speaking, and social code.

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