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By Alberto Bosio, Luigi Dilillo, Patrick Girard, Serge Pravossoudovitch, Arnaud Virazel

Advanced attempt tools for SRAMs: powerful suggestions for Dynamic Fault Detection in Nanoscaled Technologies


Alberto Bosio

Luigi Dilillo

Patrick Girard

Serge Pravossoudovitch

Arnaud Virazel

Modern electronics will depend on nanoscaled applied sciences that current new demanding situations by way of checking out and prognosis. stories are really liable to defects given that they make the most the expertise limits to get the top density. This booklet is a useful consultant to the checking out and analysis of the most recent new release of SRAM, essentially the most ordinary form of thoughts. Classical tools for checking out reminiscence are designed to address the so-called "static faults", yet those attempt strategies aren't enough for faults which are rising within the most recent Very Deep Sub-Micron (VDSM) applied sciences. those new faults, often called "dynamic faults", usually are not coated through classical algorithms and require the committed try out and prognosis strategies offered during this book.

  • First e-book to provide whole, cutting-edge insurance of dynamic fault trying out for SRAM memories;
  • Presents content material utilizing a "bottom-up" method, from the research of factors of malfunctions as much as the new release of shrewdpermanent attempt thoughts;
  • Includes case reports protecting all reminiscence parts (core-cells, deal with decoders, write drivers, feel amplifiers, etc.);
  • Proposes an exhaustive research of resistive-open defects in each one reminiscence part and the ensuing dynamic fault modeling.

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As shown before, when a core-cell is accessed for a read/write operation, the word line signal activates the pass-transistors of all the core-cells belonging to the same row. While the operation is done on a selected core-cell, all the other core-cells of the same word line are connected with their bit lines kept at VDD by the pre-charge circuits. 4 Analysis and Test of dDRF 41 (Read Equivalent Stress, RES) is very similar to the stress produced by an actual read operation. In non-defective core-cells, the RES does not lead to data loss, but if applied on a core-cell affected by Df4 it produces a degradation of the voltage level of core-cell nodes.

For this purpose, the results of electrical simulations are reported considering an 8 K × 32 memory organized as an array of 512 word lines × 512 bit lines. The resistance values are chosen in a range between few ohms up to several Mohms to produce a complete view on the studied phenomena. 9 V) Simulations performed in the ‘active mode’ (normal functional mode) In Fig. 20, the graph represents for each technology the minimal value of resistance that leads to malfunctions. Note that the scale of the resistance is logarithmic.

If the faulty core-cell is Ci, 0 , the first core-cell of the ith row, a March element like ⇑w0 operates a w0 operation on this core-cell and is immediately followed by w0 operations performed on the following 511 core-cells of the same row. These w0 operations imply 511 RESs on the faulty core-cell. If the faulty core-cell is the second one of the row, Ci, 1 , the same March element ⇑w0 involves 510 RESs on the faulty core-cell. In case the defective core-cell is the last of its row, the element ⇑w0 does not involve any RES on the defective core-cell after the w0 operation.

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